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Don't Get A Job, Build A Business - Joanne Hession

Don’t Get A Job, Build A Business – Joanne Hession

2.63 out of 5

This book is full of the kind of information you need to run a small business successfully – whether you are just starting out, or you have an established business and you want to develop it and ensure its survival.

Making six sigma last - thebookchef

Making Six Sigma Last By George Eckes

2.26 out of 5

In his successful previous book, The Six Sigma Revolution, the man who helped implement Six Sigma at General Electric and helped formulate their training program gave readers step-by-step instruction in the strategic and tactical aspects of creating a Six Sigma initiative in any organization. Now, George Eckes revisits the most popular quality improvement methodology in history, addressing an even more critical component of the Six Sigma implementation process-one that can assure the stability and longevity of your own initiative.