How To Make Meaningful Goals and Resolutions {Ebook}

What better way to end 2019 and start 2020 than learning how to make a meaningful goal.

I have not seen a book more accurate in 50 pages that sums up how to make meaningful goals.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote really thought-provoking words in this book, I love how he allowed himself and everyone goes deep into their inner thought to fish out their ‘Why’

This book also gives you a precise and analytic plan on not just how to make goals but achieve them.

Although most of Robert Kiyosaki’s examples were financially inspired still this book proves helpful for every area of life.

And can I say that what really made this book a real deal for me was that it was not as lengthy as other goal-setting books I know. The book is catchy and short enough for those who don’t read lengthy books.

How to make meaningful goals by Robert Kiyosaki is one book that helps you see that setting and achieving a goal is not a Herculean task after all.

You can download the book here.

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