Book Review: Teacher Chucks {Season 1}

Teacher Chuks is a compelling fiction story about the ills of sexual immorality and its morbid effect on the lives of its victims.

The Protagonist Chuks is tangled in the web of occult power, compelling him to live a double life. It all started like every other sexual immorality, he fell into the temptation of sexual immorality which simultaneously opened the door to a highly contagious disease causing a great epidemic which marks is a journey to slavery.

The Protagonist Chuks is caught in this flesh gratifying disease, destroying his precious virtue rapidly, making him virtually empty, leaving him very miserable.

Life was difficult very difficult, leading him to take a drastic decision which led to meeting his first wife, Chinaza. Chinaza is a controversial character, her role in the play is fixed with shocking twists, Chuks in a bid to find a way out of his miserable life fell from the frying pan to Fire. Chinaza traps her prey, recruiting promising Victims to soldiers enslaving them to fulfil her dubious wish. They are employed to bring more victim to the fraternity, Chuks style of catching is prey is to disguised living a double life as a teacher through which he caught his major victims like (Rejoice, Bode, Eric) as they created a channel to a wider range of victim, this, of course, made Chinaza role more terrifying, making me believe she was the devil herself.

But there was a turn in her role, although she seems like a cold-blooded tyrant, she also happened to be a victim learning to accept and survive the situation she found herself, but deep within she desire a good life.

Chinaza’s life only furthermore establishes the fact that there are no winners in the case of sexual immorality.

Everyone is a loser.

Chuks hearing about the death of his ‘wife’ Chinaza and the danger His life is in, he is scared and not knowing what to do he seeks for help from Favour, a university school mate.

I felt Fate brought Favour to Chuks, Favour is endowed with the power to help Chuks.

But Chuks is far too gone,

At this point my heart began to race, Chuks felt all choked up, He wants out of this diabolic slavery he has got himself into.

Favour comes to his rescue, She seems confident.

But can she save him?

This story connects deeply with its readers! It creates an atmosphere of suspense and a great thrill. It has all its Ingredient finely combined making it a delight to read.

P.S. I can’t wait for season 2

Adeyemi Christianah (AOC)

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